Bel Canto Vocal Method

This method is to enhance and open up the operatic style of singing. Taught correctly, the result is full and even singing tones. Much has been written about this vocal method. Click here to read many interesting articles about Bel Canto.

Safe and healthful vocal techniques to solve pitch issues and expand vocal range

Learning the proper signing techniques are important not just for pitch and vocal range, but also for your health! Without the proper training, vocal cord strain or damage could occur. Vocal exercises are key to proper technique.

Italian composer Nicola Vaccai (1790-1848) was known for his operas in his day, but today is remembered as a master voice teacher. Vaccai composed these exercises for training the classical voice, extending range and increasing agility, breath support, and all other technical issues of singing. Vaccai’s “Practical Method” has been used by millions of singers since its first publication in Europe in the 19th century and it remains a classic for voice study. You can order the books here.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is not only about vocal speaking techniques, but also about how one carries oneself when speaking. You will learn techniques to speak with a rich, resonant voice, and with confidence and professionalism. You can read more information about Public Speaking Instruction here.