Are you an “underdog singer?”

“Isn’t it funny how you can hear a singer and think ‘they’re ho-hum’ (or even awful)?  But then time goes by and you hear them again and WOW!”  I have had a couple of students that showed little promise when first heard, gave them a few exercises and off they went.  Maybe months later I […]

The #1 Biggest Singer’s Mistake

So there I am, sitting in the Judge’s Seat and the next singer gets up. Amazingly, she makes the #1 Biggest All-Time Singer’s Mistake! I say “amazingly” because I’ve heard 50 singers so far and nearly ALL of them have made this same Mistake! (If you had to guess what the #1 Biggest Mistake was, […]

I think I broke something!

QUESTION from professional singer: Hi Sharon! Thanks for your message. I am recording a lot this summer and I’m having difficulty with my high notes that were extremely weak and my break is noticeable. “It doesn’t matter how much air I use, the note didn’t get any stronger…” What do you think? Kat P. ANSWER […]

The First Thing You Should Lose

Over the years, I’ve heard LOTS of singers.  One of the first and most striking differences between singers is something you can pick out by the first note they sing.  Between the pros I’ve sung with, the contest singers I’ve had the privilege of evaluating, and the singers that auditioned for Mission City Opera I’ve probably […]

Question from a Reader ~ Same Reader… Different Question

You said…”how to use good breath control to not lose your breath whilst singing etc?” <h4>My Comments</h4> When you hear someone who has a wide, strong voice range, this is what they are doing, even if they don’t know it. You probably didn’t think “Wow, they know how to mix their registers!”…instead you just thought […]

Question from a Reader

Miss Kaye, Tell me how to strengthen the voice to make it more powerful etc? How to use good breath control to not lose your breath whilst singing etc? How to decorate the notes in singing to make it blend nicely? I’ve read the one when you were saying how to help assist vocal range- […]

Best Learning From Models, Mentors, and Coaches

Models Many a singer learns what he knows by “feeling his way along,” listening to (and watching) other singers.  In fact, MOST of us learn how to sing just like that…listening to someone else sing.  This method of learning is called…MODELLING.  You simply watch and learn.  You try to duplicate what you’re seeing and hearing.  […]